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Disaster Recovery

Would Your Business Survive?

An I.T. disaster recovery plan is critical to business continuity - a recent Gartner Group study reports that 40 percent of businesses that lose their data in a disaster (hurricane, fire, tornadoes, etc.) go out of business within 5 years. In the event of a disaster, your company's survival depends on the ability to replicate your I.T. systems and data. When your bottom line depends on uptime, continuous data protection and application availability are absolute essentials.

Protect your business with Bayou Disaster Recovery...

Bayou Internet and Communications has the technology experts that can design a Disaster Recovery plan for you. Bayou can deploy equipment at your site, locate a duplicate set of equipment located at one of our high availability data centers (New Orleans, Kelly, Monroe) even process your off site backups and send a report to you every night. Call Bayou for complete details and pricing. Don't get caught without a solution when disaster strikes!

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